Social Media Marketing: Using Facebook, Twitter & More To Promote Your Business

I recently found a social media infographic on that discussed how marketers are using social media to promote their products, services and companies. You can view the infographic here (it’s quite large.)

It’s very interesting that 96% of marketers say that they use social media to promote themselves. Another 3% say that they plan to use social media. Only 1% say that they have no plans to promote via social media. ¬†Twitter and Facebook are almost equally important among marketers.

The entire infographic is quite interesting and it shows how the world of marketing and promotion is changing rapidly. The number of marketers that use social media has increase by 8% in the last year.

Using Facebook and Twitter for promotion is an excellent way to reach your audience directly and form discussions and conversations about your brand. Social media is quite powerful and must be handled correctly. A good social media campaign can help your company immensely, but a weak one can seriously hurt your brand.

For example, you’ll certainly want to avoid looking like a spammer on Twitter or Facebook and a little humour goes a long way if used correctly.

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  1. Very valid points here. I don’t follow any users on Twitter until after I look at their most recent tweets. If I find nothing more than links to ads, I don’t even bother and even block those that try to message me directly. I use Twitter to meet new people and grow as a person as I build a connection beyond a product.

    Loved the way your copy flows and reads so easy by the way. I admire good copy because it isn’t always so easy to find. Being a writer, I have a deep affection for well written words.

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