Measuring The Effectiveness Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing TipsSocial media marketing is certainly a big deal these days. As mentioned a while ago, “96% of marketers say that they use social media.” Marketing through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media services is an excellent way to distribute your message directly to your clients. It’s also an excellent way to engage in conversation with customers and the general public, as well as to discuss issues t hat are important to your industry or niche.

But how do you know if your social media marketing efforts are paying off?

Here are a few ways to measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts as well as some ways to determine the strength of your brand online.

  • Use Google Analytics or another website analytics tool to determine where your traffic is coming from. If you’re not seeing visitors that are referred by social networks, you may be doing something wrong.
  • Use a service like Bitly to track and analyze the links that you share.
  • Consider using a service like Klout to understand how you use social media and how you influence those around you.
  • Monitor your accounts and be involved. If you are getting quality comments, shares and feedback from your social media posts, you’re likely doing a good job.

Social media marketing is a huge part of reaching an audience online. Staying engaged and a part of the community is a big deal. Being open, honest, thoughtful and interesting go a long way and can make you an important influencer online. This will allow you to build your brand, attract more visitors to your website, increase knowledge of your business and increase your sales.

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