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Freelance SEO Copywriting Services

Websites need content – good content that inspires visitors to act. Working with an experienced Toronto freelance website copywriter improves your search engine ranking, attracts customers to your business, converts those visitors into customers, and boosts your sales.

To find out more about how a freelance website copywriter can help your business, please contact Toronto SEO Web Content today.

Well-written and SEO-optimized website content showcases your brand, positions you as an expert in your field, boosts your search engine ranking, improves website conversion rates, and much more.

Freelance website copywriter services Toronto

As an experienced Toronto website copywriter service, Toronto SEO Web Content works with businesses in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond. We create high-quality, search engine optimized content for small businesses, large corporations, and everyone in between.

Since 2009, Toronto SEO Web Content has worked with satisfied customers in various industries, from security companies and health services to yoga studios, lawyers, web designers, retail stores, and much more. Let us help you next! Contact us today.

Toronto Freelance Copywriter Services

Trust our freelance copywriting services to improve your organization’s online presence. Our service offerings include:

Current Website Content Optimization

Do you already have a website? We will work with you to improve it, optimize it, and increase its conversion rates. Your current website content will be rewritten, structured, and formatted to attract both visitors and search engines.

Written website content will include:

  • Keyword research to determine which words and phrases should be targeted in your website content
  • SEO optimized headings (H1, H2, etc.)
  • SEO optimized page titles, descriptions, and keywords (meta tags)
  • Effective usage of keywords in body text and meta tags to improve search engine ranking for relevant keywords
  • Anchor text for internal links that is selected to match key words and phrases
  • Optimized content structure that is easy to read, including short paragraphs, sections with strong headings, bulleted lists, and more

Want your current website optimized? Please contact Toronto SEO Web Content for more information and to find out how we can help.

New Website Content Writing (SEO Optimized)

Whether you’re just starting out and need all new website content or if you want to improve your website by creating new content pages, trust a freelance website copywriter to help.

We can create comprehensive, engaging, and optimized content that touches on several key topics in detail as well as targeted content that is more tightly focused on a single keyword, phrase, or idea. Having an appropriate mix of content gives visitors the information they’re looking for while providing search engines with valuable content that will improve your ranking.

SEO optimized website content is:

  • Based on keywords chosen for their fit, competitiveness, popularity, and relevance
  • Targeted and focused on user searches to improve site performance
  • Aimed at improving search engine rankings, establishing your site as an authority, and providing answers to particular search requests

If you need written content for your website, please contact Toronto SEO Web Content today.

Shareable Social Content Writing

This content is focused on being accessible to social media users as well as shareable. Content is designed to answer customer questions, provide tips and advice, and give social media users information and guidance that inspire them to comment, like, and share with their social following.

Social content is:

  • Focused on shareability
  • Designed to target social media users and spread brand awareness
  • Geared toward increasing engagement (comments, likes, shares, etc.)

Contact Toronto SEO Web Content today for social content that will boost your business and improve engagement.

Contact a Freelance Website Copywriter

Hiring a website copywriter brings higher sales, improved ROI, better website conversion rates, and much more. Great website content helps users find your site and converts them into customers. We’re here to help.

Please contact Toronto SEO Web Content for a free website review, no obligation quote, and detailed consultation on what we can do for you.