Web Content Writing for Restaurants

Web content writing for restaurants

Creating Great Website Content for your Restaurant

Website content is important for just about every business. Well-structured and SEO-optimized web content is how search engines like Google determine what your site is about. It’s how you get ranked in search results. But it’s about more than just that. For instance, web content tells visitors the information they need to know. It also helps them understand more about your business and it encourages them to give your restaurant a try.

The last few years have been very difficult for restaurants. With more people staying at home and ordering in, having a great-looking exterior and a menu sign on the sidewalk may not be enough to attract customers. But people search for restaurants online. For example, they might be looking for take out options online. This means your web presence is important. This is also true for diners who want to dine in your restaurant. They’ll likely look you up online first.

In fact, 77% of diners visit a restaurant’s website before they dine in or order out and 94% will choose a restaurant based on online reviews. So people are looking for information about restaurants online before they visit or order online.

This shows the importance of web content writing for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other establishments. Looking to improve your website and boost your business? Here are some tips that will help with web content writing for restaurants.

Answer Important Questions

One reason that people go to a restaurant website is to find answers to common questions. What sort of food do you offer? Where are you located? What is the atmosphere like? What are your business hours? What can I expect when I go to your restaurant.

Many of these questions can be answered with copy. For instance, if you write “We are a casual Italian restaurant located in a trendy strip in the old downtown”, you’re giving people a lot of good information that could answer a lot of their questions.

Your address, location, operating hours, contact information, and menu should all be in easy-to-find locations. Don’t hide them deep down in your web content. Make sure they stand out. For example, place them at the top of your page or in another spot they’ll be noticed easily.

Explain What’s Unique

What makes your restaurant stand out? Do you have an award-winning chef? Do you offer a wide variety of dishes? Is your atmosphere top notch? Explain this in your copy. This can not only give people important information, but it can also entice them to visit. Web content writing for restaurants is all about telling people why your place is special and why they should visit.

Showcase Reviews

Reviews are very important to restaurant visitors. If you have reviews on Yelp, Google, or anywhere else, try to embed them into your site somehow. You may also want to showcase the best reviews somehow and call out to them in your website copy. This will draw attention to your good reviews, encourage visitors to read them, and improve the reputation of your business.

Keep it Simple

Interesting and informative web content doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated. Most people don’t come to a restaurant website to read paragraphs and paragraphs of detailed content right away. Great web content writing for restaurants is easy to read and understand while still giving people all the information they desire.

Have a Blog

There are many great reasons for your restaurant to have a blog. While some people are only coming to your website to find out basic information, others will want to know as much as possible about your restaurant and your story. This is where a blog can help a great deal. For instance, you may want to write a blog post on how your restaurant started, how a new dish was created, a new promotion your offering, or just about anything else!

You’ll be able to keep the main pages of your website simple and straightforward while still providing additional stories and information on the blog. Plus, blog content is great for SEO, social marketing, newsletters, and much more.

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Encourage Email Sign Ups

Email marketing is a great way to build relationships. Through an email newsletter, you can promote specials, let customers know about new dishes, remind them to make reservations for upcoming special occasions, and much more.

Let your customers know you have an email mailing list, make it easy for them to sign up, and let them know what to expect if they do.

Professional Web Content Writing for Restaurants

At Toronto SEO Web Content, we have more than a decade of experience creating great website content. We understand the importance of well-written, SEO-optimized content. We also know that running a restaurant is hard work, so you may need help with your site. That’s why we’re here! When it comes to web content writing for restaurants, we’re the right choice. For more information or to get a free web content assessment, please contact us today.

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