Five Tools That Will Help Freelance Copywriters

When you work freelance you have to wear many hats. You’re not just a writer or a designer or an SEO person, you’re also in charge of your entire business. That means you need to manage your time, promote your business, keep track of your expenses and much, much more.

Today I’m going to list a few tools that will help you with these tasks. These aren’t just great tools for freelance copywriters. They’re useful for any freelance workers.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all the tools listed below are free:

  • TweetDeck
  • Twitter is an excellent way to promote yourself, network with others in your industry and stay on top of trends. Using a Twitter client like TweetDeck makes it that much easier.
  • Klok
  • An excellent way to keep track of your time and manage projects. It’s very easy to use and definitely helps track time spent on your projects. It tracks in real time and shows you exactly what you’ve worked on each day. ** The free version is very good (it’s what I use) but there is also a paid version that adds additional features.
  • Google Calendar
  • Helps you schedule meetings and plan your time. You can set it to alert you when a meeting or a deadline is coming up so that you’ll never miss an important event! You can even share your calendar with others if you’d like.
  • Toodledo
  • A simple online to-do list. You can set it to email you a daily agenda each morning so that you wake up with a plan of what needs to be taken care of. An excellent way to keep track of upcoming deadlines.
  • Freshbooks
  • Online invoicing. This service allows you to create and send invoices to your clients quickly and easily. It’s even set up so that your clients can pay online directly through the site. ** The free version only lets you manage three clients at a time. You’ll need to pay a monthly fee in order to use more of the tool’s options.

I use a combination of the above tools on a daily basis. They definitely help me manage my freelance copywriting work and hopefully they help you too!

What kind of tools do you use to manage your work?

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