How Do I Find the Best Toronto SEO Copywriter?


When you’re looking for someone to do web content writing for your business, you’ll quickly find that there are a lot of choices out there. Just a simple search for “website copywriter” or “web content writer” will return hundred and hundreds of results. So who do you choose?

Here are a few tips that could help you If you’re looking for the best Toronto SEO copywriter.

The Quality of their Work

The first example of a copywriter’s work that you’ll probably read is their website. Read their blog, check out their content pages, and try to get a general idea of their writing. Is it a style you like? While they’ll probably be able to write in several different styles and tones, reviewing their website can give you an overall idea of their work.

You may also want to ask them for some examples of other website content they have written. Note that some projects may be confidential, or they may have written them under a client’s name, and thus they might not be able to share them with you. But you can likely get a few examples if you ask.

Their Experience

How long has this person been doing website copywriting? Where types of websites have they written? Are they able to share the industries of the clients they’ve worked with (even if they can’t share their exact names)? Getting an idea of a web content writer’s experience can help you decide if they’re the right choice for you.

They Understand Your Business & Your Clients

You should work with someone who wants to understand your business. Even if they haven’t written content for your industry specifically, if they seem interested and willing to understand your organization and your field, that is a good sign.

You may also want to ask them how they gear the content they write towards your specific client or customer base. Good website content is written for visitors. Yes, it certainly takes SEO into account, but the goal of good copywriting is to encourage individuals to make a decision (buy a product, fill out a form, etc.). This means it should always be written with clients in mind.

Are They Easy to Communicate With?

When you’re working with an SEO copywriter, you’ll have to communicate with them. You may have questions, you may want to request revisions, or you might want to give them some more information. This is why it’s often a good idea to work with someone who you can easily get in touch with and who you get along with.

It may also help to work with someone in your general geographic area, though this isn’t always necessary. It can help to work with a local Toronto SEO copywriter if you’re located in Toronto, since they’ll be working in the same time zone as you and thus, they’ll probably be easier to communicate with.

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