What is SEO Copywriting?


SEO copywriting is writing content that both search engines and people find valuable. When people talk about SEO copywriting, they’re talking about website content that is easy to find online, that provides people with the information they’re looking for, and that is considered relevant to the search that was done.

While SEO copywriting is designed to help website rank more likely on Google (and other search engines) for certain terms, it’s always important to target the person who has done the search. After all, a real person is the one who will decide to click the link, read the page, and make a purchasing decision.

When a person does a Google search, they usually have something specific in mind. Maybe they want an answer to a question, maybe they’d like to find a certain product, or maybe they are looking for a certain type of local business. No matter what they’re looking for, when a person does a search, they want to get the most relevant response back.

It is the job of search engines to provide this relevant response, and it is the role of SEO copywriting to make your website the one the searcher is looking for.

For example, assume a person searches for “hair salon.” What they’re likely looking for from this search is details on local hair salons. They probably don’t want to find information on how to become a hair stylist, nor do they want to find reviews of hair products. They also don’t want contact information for a salon that’s located halfway across the world.

Google and other search engines know this. They know how to interpret a search and provide relevant results to the user. If a search engine doesn’t give people the results they need, they’ll eventually stop using that site. So it’s in a search engine’s best interest to give people what they want.

So, how do you increase the chances of your website coming up when someone does a search? SEO copywriting!

How SEO Copywriting Works

An important thing to note is that SEO copywriting isn’t writing for search engines. In the past, there were differences between how search engines interpreted content and how users read. However, Google and other search engines have become very smart. They know how to tell if content is well-written, if it is relevant to a search, and if it provides value.

This means that stuffing keywords into a page, writing spammy content aimed at “tricking” search engines, or creating content focused on irrelevant keywords doesn’t help.

Instead, focus on well-written, keyword-focused content that provides value to your visitors. Yes, it is important to have keywords in mind when writing, and it is important to include these keywords in the content, but it’s equally important to give people what they’re looking for.

If you write content that properly matches the intent of what a user’s search (such as giving someone who searches for “hair salon” information about a local hair salon), you’ll satisfy both the user and the search engine. This is good SEO copywriting and this will help your website succeed.

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