SEO is Not a Static Thing

Frequently when I hear someone talk about SEO it’s in the context of “needing some SEO on their site.”

Of course, optimizing your web page to be found by search engines is something that you definitely do need.  But, thinking that adding SEO to a site is similar to adding a new graphic or banner is the wrong idea.  You can redesign your site and be done with it.  You can change your company logo and not have to update it frequently.

The same cannot be said for search engine optimization.

Good SEO is not static.  It’s not something that you set and forget.  High quality SEO, the kind that gets you ranked highly on Google and draws visitors to your website, needs to be frequently updated.

Yes, more work is needed in the infant stages of a website’s optimization.  Page descriptions, meta tags, alt tags, keyword selection and page titles are all done in the opening stage of SEO.  But that doesn’t mean you should stop there.

SEO doesn’t live in a bubble either.  Web design, search engine optimization and web content do not exist in silos.  They are not independent of one another.  A good website takes all of these things into account at the same time.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  To have a successful website it needs to look good and it needs to have good content.  Of course, if you have a great site that no one ever sees, you’re not doing so well.

A professional web design will keep people on your site.  It will make important content easy to find and convey your company’s image to the world.  There are numerous times where I have left a web page within seconds because it looks dated, unprofessional or cluttered.  Having a clean, easy-to-use design will go along way in attracting customers.

However, the two facets that are most closely linked are web content and search engine optimization.  They simply struggle to exist without one another.  Good content draws people to a site.  It makes them spend more time on the site, find out more about the company and convince them of the benefits of the organization.

It is also keyword-rich and thus a huge part of search engine optimization.

It is also the reason that SEO is always changing and evolving.  Every time you change the content of your page, you should have search engine optimization in mind.  Every time you write a new article or a new blog post, you should be thinking of keywords and how to best format your writing.

Your competitors are likely changing their content frequently and they almost definitely utilize good SEO practices almost every day.

You should be too.

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