SEO, Social Media and Content

As the web becomes the main place to do business, companies will turn more of their attention towards it. Looking around the Internet, you will find countless “Search Engine Optimization Experts” and “Social Media Gurus.” With the web as huge as it is, you need some extra help to stand out. That is where SEO and Social Media come in. However, the old statement that “content is king” still holds true.

In fact, it’s much more truthful now than ever before. Never in history have people had access to so much information so easily. Yes, it is very important to get your site noticed. You need to be searchable on Google and you need to promote through social media. You could have the greatest site in the world but, if no one can find it, it might as well not exist.

However, the relationship between promotion and content goes the other way as well. If your site shows up on the first page in Google and you’re all over every social network people¬†will find your website. But if there is nothing of value on that site, they will¬†quickly leave.

SEO and social media can draw people in, but they can’t make them stay. If someone types “How to build a fence” on Google and visits the first page, they want detailed instructions on how to build a fence. That’s all they want and if they don’t find it, they will head to the second-ranked page almost immediately.

The same can be said for social media. People may subscribe to your RSS feed, follow you on Twitter and become a fan of your Facebook page if you promote them enough. But if you don’t give them something of value, they’ll quickly leave you. RSS feeds that are rarely updated with interesting content do not retain their subscribers. Promoting yourself on Twitter is a good idea, but if that’s all you do you will lose many followers.

No one wants to follow someone who throws out press releases all day. They want interesting information, they want discussion and they want to be entertained. If you don’t do that you’ll lose followers. The same can be said for Facebook pages.

If you don’t provide interesting content and discussion, people may become a fan, but they will never return to the page. And – you know what they say – out of sight, out of mind. Your Facebook page should feature interesting updates, photos and an active discussion board. That will keep your brand at the forefront of peoples’ minds.

But don’t be annoying! =)

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