The Importance of Fresh Website Content

Fresh Website Content

Why Fresh Website Content Matters

One of the most important things you can do for your website is add fresh website content. What does this mean? It’s a term that’s often used in content marketing to describe new content added to a site or content that has been recently updated.

Why is fresh content important? There are many reasons. First of all, the more often you update your website, the more often search engines will crawl your site. As Google itself says, “Sites with more content can have more opportunities to rank well in Google. It makes sense that having more pages of good content represent more chances to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your website will automatically rank more highly just because you frequently add content, but it gives you more chances to improve your ranking if you do it right. What does that mean? Again, coming from Google directly, “A frequently updated site encourages people to return – as long as your content remains relevant and engaging. A useful post once a week is better than low-quality content published daily.

In short, if you update your website frequently, Google will come back to look at it more often and index new pages. If the content it finds is high quality, this content will rank well, increasing website traffic.

Great content also establishes your company as an authority. When you write high quality content, people gain respect for your organization. They’re more likely to share your content and come back for more.

The better the content on your site, the more it will improve your site and boost your business.

Creating Great Web Content

So what sort of web content is considered great web content? The first point is that it can’t be written exclusively for search engines. Many years ago, some websites could get away with writing content that is filled with keywords but that doesn’t provide much value. This no longer works. Google and other search engines are now smart enough to differentiate between poor quality content and content that has value.

Not only does great website content have value, but it’s also created strategically. Timing is important, the structure of your content is important, and so is writing content that people are searching for. If you create a great page of content, but it’s not something that people are looking to read, it won’t help your website very much.

How do you know what people are searching for? Through keyword research, market research, and more. Know your target customer and write what they’re looking for. One tip can be to think of questions that your customers may search for, then create content that answers these questions.

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