Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategies That Work

Ecommerce Content Marketing

How to Effectively Use Ecommerce Content Marketing

The transition from bricks-and-mortar retail to online shopping has been happening for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic certainly sped things up. Ecommerce is now the primary way that many people buy things. That means ecommerce content marketing is more important than ever.

What is ecommerce content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of articles, blog posts, tutorials, newsletters, social content, infographics, videos, and other content to advertise a business, build a brand, or generate leads. In short, it’s what it sounds like: using content to market your company. This can be a powerful ecommerce tool.

Using Content for Ecommerce Marketing

Much like with nearly any other website, content is crucial in the ecommerce world. Ecommerce content marketing helps:

  • Improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your website
  • Showcase your products or services to a targeted audience
  • Build brand awareness
  • Establish your company as a trusted organization
  • Entertain and inform visitors
  • Turn your organization into an authority in your space
  • Convert casual visitors into paying customers and dedicated fans
  • And much more

By creating great content, targeting this content to your key audiences, and sharing it in the right way, you’ll boost your business and grow your brand.

Content Strategies that Work

There is no “one size fits all” content plan that will immediately work for every business. The key is to create a strategy that complements your company and that will resonate with your audience. This is different for each store.

For example, if you operate a clothing store, writing blog posts on style tips and having an Instagram page where you showcase your clothes will likely be quite effective. However, this same strategy may not work for a product that is less visual, such as a hardware store. However, a hardware store can write “how-to” guides and create videos that answer common questions to showcase its products. Research can help you find the right strategy for you.

Some ecommerce content marketing strategies include:

  • Blog Posts
    • Writing informative and entertaining blog posts works for nearly every type of business. Not only can a blog post provide information, but it can also significantly help with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.
    • Think of what your visitors may be searching for. Keyword research is critical here. Once you know, create content that gives them what they want.
    • Blog posts are a great way to showcase your products and explain the value of your business.
  • Guides and How-To Pieces
    • Many people who search online are looking for guidance, information, and answers to questions. If you create the content that gives them what they’re looking for, they’ll trust your company, respect your brand, and be much more likely to turn into paying customers.
  • Social Content (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
    • Social media can be very powerful if used correctly. The key to is focus the content correctly.
    • As mentioned, if you have a very visual product, using Instagram or Pinterest can be great for business. Facebook might be a better choice for news, information, tips, etc. Twitter is an excellent way to share information, offer real-time support, and engage with your audience. Think about which platforms will work the best for you.
  • Infographics
    • A good infographic doesn’t just give someone information but it’s also likely to be shared with others, increasing your reach. Use them to answer customer questions and expand your reach.
  • Videos
    • There are a lot of great ways to use videos to market your ecommerce business. From product showcases and reviews to “how-to” guides and much more, there are a lot of benefits to using video to promote an ecommerce store.

Finding the Content Strategy that is Right For You

As mentioned, finding the right strategy for your business is critical. But how do you know what that strategy is? What should you base your content on? Where do you start? The answer to these questions starts with knowing your audience. Who is your target market? What are they like? What are they looking for? Brainstorming and research is crucial here.

Once you know who your audience is and what they like and need, think about where they may go searching for information and inspiration. Is your target market likely to use Instagram or YouTube to find what they’re looking for? Will they search by asking certain questions on Google? Understanding not just who your customers are but also how they act can help you focus your content marketing efforts.

After you’ve established your market, it’s time to create your content. Gear it towards your audience at all times and create something that is valuable and informative. This is how you’ll help grow your brand and increase your business.

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