How Much Does Website Copywriting Cost?


What Should you Pay for Web Content Writing?

One of the most common questions we hear is “How much does website copywriting cost?” Of course, that question makes a lot of sense. When you’re running a business, every dollar you spend needs to be budgeted and no one wants to pay more than they need to.

However, it’s also important to get good work. Therefore, you need to make sure you balance cost with quality. This is true for every business expense and it’s true for content writing as well.

What Does Website Copywriting Cost?

Much like with most services, you’ll find a wide variety of costs for web writing. You may find writers that charge barely anything as well as writers that charge quite a lot. And there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with either approach.

To understand where these costs come from, it’s important to know what goes into the copywriting process.

There are several factors can determine the website copywriting cost, including:

  • The type of project
    • Most website copywriters charge different rates for different types of projects. Press releases, blogs, content pages, landing pages, social content, etc. are all different types of content. That means they require different skills, different experience, and different amounts of work. Therefore, it’s common to find them priced differently.
    • You may also be quoted a higher price for content that requires more research than for one that is more straightforward for example.
    • Finally, you may pay less if you want your existing content rewritten than if you require original content, but that often depends on the amount of work required.
  • The amount of content
    • If you want one page written, you’re probably going to pay less than if you want 50 pages written. This is true in most cases.
    • Also, if you’re having a website or a blog post written, you can likely expect to pay more for longer content than for shorter content. However, this isn’t necessarily true in all instances (sometimes writing concise yet effective content can be more difficult than writing a longer piece), but it’s generally a good rule of thumb.
  • The deadline
    • If your project has a very tight deadline, or if you need your work completed over the weekend or over a holiday, you may be quoted a higher price.
  • Experience
    • The experience of the web content writer affects the cost. In general, you’re not just paying for the actual content, but you’re paying to take advantage of the writer’s experience. An experienced writer will likely write better content, well-optimized content, and overall more effective content.

What Do You Charge for Web Content?

Toronto SEO Web Content has been creating website copy since 2009. Richard Moldovanyi, founder, creates all content himself in Toronto, Canada. No content is outsourced, all content is original, and content is always written specifically for the client who requested it.

When it comes to the website copywriting cost, this depends on the particular project. Rather than stick to firm amounts based on the number of hours, words, or pages, we give unique quotes for each situation. This allows us to quote accurately and fairly rather than having a blanket cost that may not take all of a project’s factors into account.

If you would like to speak with us about website content, if you’re curious about how much different types of content cost (such as how much does blog writing cost, for example), please contact us today.

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