Reasons to Add Original Written Content to your Website, Other Than Google Search Rankings


Adding original content to your website is important for several reason. The most obvious is search engine rankings. We all know by now that Google loves content.

Frequently adding content to your website lets Google know to return to your site often, which can help improve the quality of your search engine ranking. In addition, the more unique content that you have, the more content that Google has to index. This increases the likelihood of your site appearing in search engine results. Finally, well-written content improves Google’s “opinion” of your site, which can also boost your rankings.

However, there are reasons to add high-quality written website content to your page, even if you ignore these facts about Google.

Website content is also crucial for visitors, readers and prospective clients. Unfortunately, many people forget about actual human readers when it comes to their websites. To some extent, this is understandable. Google and other search engines are what direct traffic to websites so, naturally, website owners focus a lot of their attention on improving their search engine rankings. However, actual human beings are ultimately the ones who decide to contact you, subscribe to your newsletter, order your product or visit your store. Therefore, they need to be given a lot of consideration as well.

You Establish Yourself as an Expert

Adding content to your website is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can share your knowledge on topics related to your business, discuss relevant research and studies, share stories about your company and your history, and much more.

This sort of content helps build trust among visitors and improves the likelihood of someone deciding to do business with your company. Customers want to work with the best, so they’ll be happy to read content that shows exactly how much you know. The more informative content you add, the more you will impress prospective clients.

You Answer Questions

Some of the best website content is writing that directly answers questions that clients and prospective clients have. This kind of content is valuable because it’s likely that many people have the same questions. If someone reads an answer to their question on your website, they will appreciate your company for providing this information.

Not only does writing the answers on your company website establish you as an expert, but it also gives you a resource to direct people to when they have questions.

You Improve Your Social Reach

These days, search engines aren’t the only way that people find out about websites. A lot of people find sites by following links on social media. For some people, this is the primary way to find new content. If you write good content, this content is more likely to be shared on social media, improving your website traffic. Unique content also helps you establish your social following, which is helpful for branding and customer acquisition.

Content Written for People is Also Good for Google

You don’t have to choose between “SEO content” and “content for readers.”

The good news is that Google is getting smarter every day. This means that it now understands the difference between content that is useful, interesting or informative to readers and content that is filled with keywords and phrases. Content that is designed only for machines is no longer successful. This is good. That means that writing content that is attractive to visitors has the added benefit of also improving your search rankings.

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