Why Add Content to your Website?


A lot of people ask me why they should add blog content, articles or other website content to their sites. The short answer is because it makes your website better. The long answer involves quite a few points.

Here are a few reasons for why adding content to your website is so important.

It Gives People a Reason to Visit – and Come Back!

Website content gives people a reason to visit your site. This is the case even if your website isn’t an informational site. For example, if you’re an online store, you may want more people to visit your site and check out your wide selection of blue jeans. Now, visitors may find your site by typing something like “blue jeans store” into Google, but they may not specifically be looking to buy blue jeans. They might type in “blue jean style trends this fall” instead, hoping to find out more about current fashions.

If you have a blog post on your website that describes current blue jean style trends, they’ll be more likely to visit your site and, since they’re on your website already, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase from you. Plus, the fact that your content was interesting to them will increase the likelihood of them coming back.

It helps SEO and Search Engine Rankings

This is a major reason why SEO optimized website content is so important. It helps your website get noticed.

There are a number of ways that content improves your search engine appearance and rankings. For example:

  • Websites that are frequently updated are indexed more often by search engines. This doesn’t improve your search ranking on its own, but it gives you the opportunity to improve your ranking since Google and other search engines are watching.
  • New content gives you more opportunities to add more keywords. As in the “blue jeans” example above, adding new content lets you add more keywords. If the person in the example above hadn’t written the “blue jean style trends” post, their site never would have shown up when the visitor searched for that topic.
  • The more high-quality, relevant content that your website has, the greater the chance of search engines considering you “an authority” on the subject. The more you write on this topic (as long as the content is good quality) the more your reputation rises on Google and other search engines. This helps your rankings.

It’s Shared on Social Media

Interesting and informative content is shared. It’s posted on Facebook and Twitter and sent to friends via email and messaging apps. This brings more visitors to your website. Going back to the “blue jeans” example again, if the person who found the “blue jeans trends” piece really liked it, they might Tweet it or email it to a friend or link to it on their own blog. This draws more attention to your website and brings in more visitors.

It Lets you Share your Expertise

You’re an expert in your field so it makes sense that you want others to know it. Writing on relevant topics in your industry and discussing issues that matter to your audience will show them that you’re a person, a company and a website that they can trust.

However, all of these benefits are only possible with good quality, relevant content. Badly written content, spammy content or content stuffed with nonsensical keywords doesn’t improve search engine rankings or grow your authority. In fact, this kind of low quality content actually makes things worse.

As a website copywriter, my job is to create interesting, unique and informative content that represents your brand, shows your expertise and draws in visitors. I do this by conducting research, talking to you about your business and then writing high quality content for your organization. If you have any other questions about website copywriting or any of my services, please do not hesitate to contact me today.

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