Coming Up with Ideas for your Company Blog


One of the toughest things about blogging is coming up with ideas for posts. It’s often difficult to think of new and interesting post ideas and topics that you can write about. As a Toronto blogger, I understand how difficult this can be. That’s why I’m writing this post. I want to share a few tips for coming up with ideas and blog topics for your company blog.

Turn Questions from Customers into Blog Posts

Are there common questions that customers frequently ask? Try turning these questions into blog posts. For example, if your company sells boats and you’re frequently asked about the differences between boat A, boat B and boat C, write a blog post on the subject. Not only will it answer the question for your customers, but it will help increase traffic to your site. The next time someone searches for “What is the difference between boat A, boat B and boat C?” online, they’ll find your blog post and recognize that you’re an experienced boat store that they will likely want to deal with in the future.

Look to Social Media

When you follow others in your field and in related fields on social media, you’re able to see what issues, questions and ideas are popular in your niche at the moment. Using the boat store example again, say you see several boating experts discussing the merits of boating on a particular type of boat. You can use this conversation as a launching point for a blog post. Then, you can share this post with those who were discussing the subject on social media. If you’ve written an interesting and intelligent post, those boating experts will be more likely to read the post and pass it along to their followers, increasing the reach of your blog.

Tell the News

What’s new in your industry? What’s new in your company? A company blog can be used to provide news about your business and the industry as a whole. If there’s a new law that will affect your business, write about it. If a new product was launched by a related, but non-competitive business, you can write about that as well. You’ll want to be careful with this though. For example, if you’re still running the boat store I discussed above and you see that a new type of life jacket was released, you can write a post about this new life jacket (as long as you either carry the life jacket in your store or if you don’t carry life jackets at all – you don’t want to write about a product that only your competitors carry!) If your company is expanding to a new office or opening a new store, you can write about this as well.

Use Popular Keywords

By doing appropriate keyword research, you can figure out which relevant keywords are being frequently searched online. Then you can use these keywords as the basis of your next blog post. Returning to the boat store example mentioned earlier, imagine that your keyword research tells you that a number of people are searching for information on how to choose a boat. You can use this knowledge to write a blog post on that topic. Writing about a popular topic that many people are searching for will increase traffic to your website.

Those are just a few ways to come up with topics for your company blog. If you’re having trouble updating your company blog regularly, we can help. Find out more about our blog writing services.

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