Website Copywriting: Writing for Your Audience


Whenever you do any website copywriting, it’s important that you take some time to think about who your audience is and that you then structure your content towards that audience. You’ll want to do this from both an SEO perspective as well as a human perspective. It’s important to take keywords and search volume into account when you’re website copywriting, but you also have to create content that actual people will want to read.

Good website copywriting properly balances all audiences to create content that ranks highly and is interesting to the right people.

Website Copywriting For People & Search Engines

People generally think about search engines a lot when they’re doing website copywriting. This makes sense in many ways. After all, search engines bring in visitors and ranking highly for a competitive term can improve your website’s traffic a great deal. However, your goal shouldn’t be just to rank highly for the most competitive terms. Your website copywriting will need to be relevant.

For example, if you rank first on Google for the term “blue widgets” you’ll probably get a lot of traffic from people searching for “blue widgets” online. However, if your website doesn’t contain the information that these visitors are looking for, they won’t spend very much time on your site. You need to have creative, persuasive and interesting content to turn those visitors into customers or fans.

You’ll also want to structure your website copywriting around the audience that you hope to attract. If you’re a local business that sells cakes in Toronto, for example, you probably want to attract people who are located in Toronto. You will need to structure your content in a manner that attracts more visitors from Toronto than visitors from other locations. Getting ten thousand hits from Europe doesn’t help you if you only sell cakes in the Toronto area.

It’s also important that you do enough research to find out what terms people are searching for. There’s no point in ranking highly for the term “cake covered in blue widgets Toronto” if no one is searching for that term. Use keyword research to determine which terms are being searched regularly and then gear your website copywriting towards those terms.

It can be difficult and time consuming to consider all of the different aspects of website copywriting for each piece of content you create, but it will be worth it in the end.

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