Website Copywriting SEO: Optimizing Website Page Titles & Descriptions


With search engine rankings and SEO, a number of aspects come into play. Only Google, Bing and other search engines know for sure which aspects are the most important and how individual factors impact your ranking, so that means it’s important to optimize your website’s SEO in many different ways. Website copywriting is an important way to optimize your website.

Your page’s actual content isn’t the only important aspect, however. How your written content is structured, the words that you choose to write and a number of other factors come into play as well. One of these factors is page titles and descriptions.

Website Copywriting Tips: Page Titles & Descriptions

Though there is some evidence that page titles and descriptions no longer hold as much weight in search engine rankings as they once did, they are still important. Therefore, you should take them into consideration when you are doing your website copywriting. This isn’t just important for SEO either. It’s important to attract visitors to your site. Remember, website copywriting always needs to take both visitors and search engines into account.

In most cases, on most search engines, the visitor sees your page title and often your page description in search engine results:


This is what makes your title and description so important.

A relevant, interesting and informative page title and description is more likely to attract visitors. For example, if the title of this website was “Richard Moldovanyi Writing” rather than “Toronto Website Copywriter” it would likely be less interesting to visitors who are searching for website copywriting services in Toronto.

This is even more important for articles, blog posts and products and services pages. Using this site as an example once again: 


Rather than using a more generic title, “Why is blogging beneficial for my website?” is a more specific page title that should hopefully attract more visitors to that particular page. It tells you exactly what to expect from the page. The goal of website copywriting is attracting visitors to your website, so make sure you have interesting and descriptive titles!

Another example: Using the title “Services” for your company’s services page is less descriptive and not as good for SEO or for visitors than a title like “Website Copywriting Services.

Remember, website copywriting is always a mix of what is good for search engines and what is good for visitors. As search engines improve and change, those two groups are coming closer together and it’s becoming more and more important to consider visitors when writing.

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