The Incredible Importance of Website Content

Website Content Writing Importance

This recent post on the Freelance Folder blog explains exactly why website content is so important: Why Freelancers Need Content Too.

The post focuses on the importance of website content for freelancers, but the points made are relevant to all businesses, regardless of the type or size. Website content impacts so many different areas of your business (both on and offline) and this is why spending time and resources crafting, updating and refining your website content is critical to the success of your company

The entire Freelance Folder post is a good, informative read, but there are three key points from the piece that are worth expanding on:

If you’re a freelancer, you do want to get some traffic to your freelancing blog or website. However, your goal is not just to get a lot traffic to look at your site. You want to get targeted traffic that will ultimately attract clients to your freelancing business.

Also, update your sites regularly. You don’t have publish new content every day, but it’s been proven that sites with recently updated content rank higher in the search engines. A higher search engine ranking means prospective clients can find you more easily.

Once you’ve created your content, don’t forget to tell people about it. Share it through social media. Tell customers about it. Include your URL on business cards and stationery.

Your online reputation is a crucial part of your freelancing brand. Like it or not, the content that you publish online becomes a part of that brand. So be very careful about the content that you create or share.

All three of those points clearly explain why well-written, informative and frequently updated website content is so important for businesses.

The goal of your website isn’t just to increase your traffic. It is to increase the amount of quality traffic. For example, if you own a store that exclusively sells high-end dress shoes, you don’t want to attract people who are looking to purchase hamburgers. You also don’t want to bring in visitors who want to buy steel-toed boots. Those visitors will likely leave your website as quickly as they found it. They don’t add any value to your company at all. Spending time and money focusing on the wrong visitors doesn’t help your business and it takes your attention away from focusing on your market. It can also cost you money.

Keyword research, competition analysis and relevant content are necessary to draw the right kind of traffic to your website.

Having a relevant, frequently-updated blog is a great way to draw targeted traffic to your website. These two lines from the Freelance Folder post explain exactly how: “it’s been proven that sites with recently updated content rank higher in the search engines. A higher search engine ranking means prospective clients can find you more easily.”

This becomes more and more true every day.

Adding focused and high-quality content to your blog and then sharing that content through social networks will increase your website’s traffic. There’s no doubt about it.

Finally, the third point touches on how website content can impact your business in every way, even offline.

When a prospective customer visits your website, he or she is given an impression of your company almost immediately. This website visit could even be the first impression of your company that this person has ever received. If your website lacks focus, is out of date or is poorly-written, this reflects badly upon your company and it gives a visitor a negative impression right away. This negative impression means that it is much less likely that this person will give you a call, visit your store or recommend your business to others. A website is not just an online business card, it’s an extension of your brand and it represents your company to a wide audience. You need to make sure that it does its job properly.

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