Five Blogs You Should Be Reading if You Want to Promote a Website


Website promotion can be difficult. In fact, when you’re trying to promote a website, it can be tough to know exactly where to start. Thankfully, there are a number of great resources out there that can help you. It can be tough to determine which Internet promotion resources to follow, so I’ve put together a brief list of some favourites. Here are five blogs that you should check out if you’re interested in website promotion:

SEOMoz Blog

A great blog and a great community focused on search engine optimization. You’ll probably learn something new here even if you’ve studied SEO for years.


If you’re interested in social media and using it to promote your website (and you definitely should be) this is a good read.

SEO Book Blog

Another excellent search engine optimization resource. They also have a lot of great SEO tools available.

The Official Google Blog

Like it or not, Google is a huge search engine and you’ll likely want to rank highly on Google if you’re promoting a website. Therefore, it’s good to know what Google is up to. Their official blog is a great place to start.

Freelance Folder’s Marketing Section

Despite the name, this site is not just useful for freelancers. Their Internet marketing section has a lot of great information for all businesses and a number of tips on how you can promote your business online.

Internet Promotion Tips

When you’re learning how to promote a business online, you’ll likely run into a vast number of different websites that offer a wide variety of different tips and suggestions. If you read long enough, you may even discover that a bunch of these tips contradict many other tips. It can seem overwhelming at times.

Like with all research, it’s important to distinguish the credible resources from the rest of the pack. The blogs above should give you a good starting point and teach you some important information about website promotion. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Toronto SEO Web Content. You may also find some useful information in our Resources section or our FAQ.

It’s also important to remember that Internet promotion is not static and that search engines and website promotion techniques change over time. You’ll need to continue reading and researching even after you think you’ve “got it” so that you don’t miss out on some important information. Also, remember that there are a number of different Internet promotion techniques out there and that website marketing is an art as much as it is a science. Do your research and try some new techniques out if you get the chance. You just may surprise yourself with what you discover!





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