Write For Humans, Not Search Engines

SEO Content Writing

When a lot of people think about SEO content writing or website copywriting, they think about writing exclusively for search engines. A common mistake is filing your website copy with key words and phrases without any concern for what the content actually means.

This is the wrong approach.

Whatever you’re writing and whatever website you are writing for, you must always remember that the decision to buy your product, use your service, subscribe to your blog, bookmark your page or contact your company is always made by a human being.

Yes, search engines are how people find websites and therefore it’s always important to keep search engines in mind when you are writing, but it’s humans that use the search engines to find your site and it’s humans that decide to keep reading.

Even if you have a very well-optimized website that ranks highly for several key terms, you won’t be very successful unless you write content that is interesting or informative for your visitors. All you will get is a lot of traffic that ends up leaving your page very quickly.

In fact, spamming your site with pointless content to “fool” a search engine probably won’t even help you generate traffic. Today’s search engines are smart enough to see through those pages and ignore them.

What is the point of your website? Is it to make people pick up the phone and call you? Do you want people to fill out an online form? Would you like them to run out to the store and purchase your product? Whatever the goal of your website is, your content should be written with that goal in mind.

You also need to write website content that will make visitors interested in your website. There are so many websites out there that you don’t have much time to attract someone to your page. If visitors don’t find what they are looking for relatively quickly, there’s a good chance they’ll click the back button and be on their way.

The bottom line? Search engine rankings are nice, but writing well-structured, compelling content that impresses both search engines AND people is even better.

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