Website Copywriting & Your Business

Business Website CopywritingYour business’ website is not only your company’s presence online, a major component of your marketing strategy and a chance to show the world what your company is all about. It’s also where you unveil new products and services, launch new revenue streams, share your company’s personality, invite the world into your business and more. In short, your company’s website is incredibly important.

That’s why your website copywriting and web content writing are so important.

You want your business’ website to convey a message. You want it to show the world your company’s personality and style. You want it to let people know what kind of company you have. And, perhaps most importantly, you want it to convert visitors into customers. Strong website copywriting does just that. Weak web content writing will actually push customers away.

So what is strong website content writing?

High-quality website copywriting is:

  • Direct: It gets to the point and doesn’t waste words.
  • Focused: It shows customers what they need right away.
  • Goal-oriented: It exists to drive sales, phone calls and emails to your company.
  • Brief: Nobody wants to read ten paragraphs before they know what a company is about.
  • Interesting: It makes the reader pay attention.
  • Informative: It gives the person reading your website the information he or she is looking for.
  • SEO-Friendly: You need SEO-friendly website content to bring visitors to your site.

Does your company website have strong website content? Is it delivering the kind of traffic and sales that you expect? Give your website copywriting a quick review to make sure. Failing to do so can hurt your business.

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