Is Social Media Addictive?

Two new studies have been released about the effects of Facebook:

New research in Scotland says that the more Facebook friends you have, the more stressed you are likely to become. Psychologists are even comparing Facebook to a gambling addiction.

It’s not uncommon for young adults on the social networking site to have close to 500 friends, but research says that the average person only has the emotional energy for 2 or 3 close friends.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, researchers at Cornell University say that Facebook may actually boost your self-esteem. They say it’s because we all tend to put our best foot forward online and create a very positive image of ourselves.

In addition to the ideas above, social media can also use up a lot of time during the day! This is especially true if you use Facebook, Twitter or read and write blog posts in order to promote yourself and your business online! Sometimes you’ll find that it’s tough to walk the line between “social promotion” and “wasting time.”

How do you avoid become addicted to social media?

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