Using Web Content Writing To Convey Messages

A website serves many purposes, but one of the most powerful is that it can be used to convey messages. I’m not just talking about basic information here either.  Yes, a website can tell you what products and services a company offers, it can give you an address and other contact information, it can provide you with the hours of operation and the number of years that a company has been in business.  It can do all of that, and it SHOULD do all of that, but it can also do so much more.

Website content offers information, but it also instills trust, answers questions and sets the tone.

You can tell someone that you’ve been making widgets since 2003 and that your store is located on Main Street, but then you won’t stand out from the crowd.  Telling your customers that your widgets are made from the finest materials, that they’re homemade and that you deliver them for free takes this message a step further and this additional information helps draw in the reader.  Writing that these homemade widgets have a variety of uses (and listing the uses) allows the reader to imagine the number of ways he or she could use your widgets.

Now you’ve given the reader a message: You’re not just a widget-maker on Main Street, you’re an experienced widget-maker who cares about the quality of the widgets you make and you understand the needs of your customers.

That’s a much more powerful message and it will likely bring you additional business.

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