The Tone of Your Website Content

Written content is important on all websites.  Not only does your website content convey important messages to your visitors and clients, but it also sets the tone for your site.

Why is the tone of your website content important?

Because it gives the visitor a chance to understand how your company operates and it does so without forcing people to read a mission statement, call anyone on the phone or spend a great deal of time working with your company.  The web is fast and you want to show visitors exactly what your company is like as quickly as possible.

So how do you show the tone of your business?  Through your writing!

For example, if your website says “Our organization fully understands how to successfully utilize the written word to convey messages to clients, regardless of their demographic” that’s much different than saying “We write content that’s understandable and meaningful to all readers.”  Both sentences mean essentially the same thing, but they have two completely different tones.

So what tone do you want?

That depends on what type of business you have.  If the goal of your website content is to explain that you are professional, experienced and highly-educated experts, you may want a more serious, formal tone.  If you’d like the writing on your website to seem more youthful and energetic, you’ll likely be looking for a more conversational tone.

As always, think of your audience when you’re writing.

Remember, it’s important to make your copy easy to read when writing website content.  Even if you want a formal tone, don’t fill your written content with complex words and phrases that are difficult to understand.  This will certainly turn visitors away.

Short sentences, common words and brief explanations work best online.  Figuring out how to convey the right tone to your visitors while still making your text easy to understand is one of the most difficult parts about website copywriting.

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