Making Website Copy Easy To Read

One of the most important aspects of website copy is making it easy to read.  Iif people aren’t reading your content, you’re not getting your message across.

But how to you make your copy easy to read?

Here are a few tips:

  • Spacing

A wall of text is intimidating.  Not only does it look like a chore to read, but it’s almost impossible to quickly find the content that is most important to you.  Using bullet points when it makes sense to also helps.

  • Straightforward content

Choose simple, straightforward sentences over long ones. Don’t drag out your sentences and include things like semicolons and hyphens when it isn’t necessary.

  • Simplicity

This expands on the point above. Opt for shorter paragraphs and shorter text where possible. It makes your writing easier to digest.

  • Read Aloud

It sounds weird, but you should read your content aloud to hear how it sounds. A sentence may look right but end up being difficult to comprehend when you read it out loud.

  • Avoid Jargon

Unless you’re writing for a very specific audience, you should avoid using terms and abbreviations that most people wouldn’t understand. Most visitors will leave a page if they can’t quickly grasp what is written.

  • Be Active

Use the active voice whenever possible. Instead of saying “High quality products are produced by our company” write “Our company produces high quality products.” It sounds a lot better and it’s easier to understand.

Simplicity and clarity are incredibly important when writing website content.  If you can get your visitors to actually read your content, you’ll obviously have a better chance at converting those visitors to customers.

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