Why Web Content Writing Matters

Why Web Content Writing Matters

Why Web Content Writing is Important for Your Site

One of the most common questions I hear relates to why web content writing is important. Some people think that in today’s world of social media and digital assistants and recommendation algorithms, having a website isn’t as important as it once was. The reality is that having a strong social media presence matters, but that having a strong website filled with great content is perhaps more important than ever.

Search Engines & Recommendation Algorithms Get Information from Websites

Obviously, Google is a force in the search engine world. Recently Google made the decision that “it will provide more detail and context-rich answers, and in return it hopes users will ask more detailed and context-rich questions. The end result, the company hopes, will be a richer and deeper search experience.” In short, Google wants to give people more detailed and more specific information, and it hopes that people start asking for the same. Where does Google get the information it wants? From web content.

The text, images, and videos that you add to your site lets Google and other search engines know what your site is about. This is the information it uses to classify and recommend sites. The more informative, detailed, and relevant information you add, the more Google understands your website and the more opportunities you have to rank highly and to be recommended.

Content Helps Customers Make Choices

As part of its basic principles, Google says toMake pages primarily for users, not for search engines.” And that’s because, even though social media sites and search engines can bring traffic to a site, a real person will be making the final decision. They’ll be the one who clicks to contact you or adds an item to their cart. If you give them good information and you explain why your product or service is the one they’re looking for, you’ll increase sales.

Website content is also important because people are often inundated with advertising. Whether you’re online, watching TV, or just walking down the street, ads are everywhere. Eventually, people get sick of them. Not only do they not want to see them anymore, but they also start tuning them out. Think of how quickly you hit “Skip Ad” on YouTube video as soon as you can. A good reason why web content writing matters is because it isn’t an ad. Yes, it’s there to convince customers to purchase your product or service, but it’s not a direct advertisement. It adds value. Good website writing is informative and entertaining. It gives people something that they’re looking for rather than shoving information at them. And that makes it more useful as well as more persuasive and trustworthy.

Good Writing Helps Your Brand Stand Out

An often ignored reason why web content writing matters is because it helps your brand stand out. A well-written, informative, and trustworthy website impresses people. It can help you position yourself as an expert and highlight your brand as distinct from your competition. If you give potential customers what they need from your site, they’ll stick around, they’ll respect your company, and they’ll be much more likely to become customers.

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