Copywriting for Curbside Pickup Retail Stores


How Website Copywriting Helps Retail Stores Offering Curbside Pickup

This is a challenging time for many retailers, especially small businesses. As more and more people flock to online shopping, ecommerce, and curbside pickup, it can be difficult for independent businesses to attract customers. The idea of “browsing” or “walk ins” to a store has nearly disappeared in many regions. In some areas (such as Toronto and many areas in Ontario), small businesses that do not offer essential goods are restricted to only offering curbside pickup.

So how can you attract customers? One way is through strong SEO copywriting.

Boost your Website

Your website is more important than ever during these times. Some smaller retailers may not have even had a website or, if they did, there may not have been much information on it.

However, now even small local retailers need comprehensive websites that list all of their products. They also need to have a process for ordering online, either over the phone or through an ecommerce platform.

If you don’t list everything you sell, and give people a way to buy it, your customers won’t know what is available to order and this will seriously affect your business.

List Product Details

The more detail you can provide about a product, the better. There are many reasons why. One is that providing more information helps customers understand what you have available. For instance, providing details on materials, dimensions, weight, colour, how the product was made, etc. can help visitors make a purchasing decision.

Including detailed photos of the products can also help people learn more about what you sell.

However, adding this sort of website content also helps boost your website traffic. For instance, if you sell clothing, and you include details about the clothing, not only does this give customers information when they’re reading your website, but it also gives information to search engines.

For example, if you write a lot of information about a blue vintage dress that you sell, then customers that are searching for blue vintage dresses on Google will be more likely to find your site.

This is a way that copywriting can significantly help your business. While large retailers like Amazon and other such stores have brand awareness, you can improve your visibility and compete with these stores by creating good content that customers want.

Stand Out

One of the biggest advantages that independent retailers and small businesses have is the expertise and uniqueness of these businesses and their curated collections.

You can use copywriting to showcase what makes your business unique. Examples of this include explaining why certain products are available, where you found them, why they’re a good choice, what they’re made out of, etc.

This isn’t just a great way to showcase your expertise, but it also gives your site unique content, which is important for search engines. Many stores simply use the product descriptions that are provided by the manufacturer on their sites. If you write your own content, and gear it towards your customers, you’ll stand out from the pack and improve your search engine ranking at the same time.

Use Blogs to Your Advantage

Copywriting isn’t just important for product descriptions. You can also boost traffic to your website by creating blog content that is relevant to your business.

For example, if you operate a hardware store, you could write blog posts that explain how to complete various home improvement projects using the tools and products available in your store. These types of posts often do well on search engines because people are frequently searching for advice and guidance online.

Using copywriting in this manner can show your expertise, boost traffic to your website, and increase sales. If you show innovative and interesting ways to use the products you have available, this will encourage people to shop at your store.

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