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Everybody wants their website to rank highly on Google. The good news is that Google wants the sites that rank highly to actually be good sites. That makes sense. After all, if Google search results delivered spammy sites or irrelevant information for most search terms, eventually people would stop using the search engine.

This means that the key to ranking highly on Google is to have high quality content. But it means more than just well-written content that is focused on keywords. It means having content that people actually want to consume.

This is where content marketing comes in.

What is content marketing? Content marketing means creating and distributing valuable content that is aimed at a specific audience. In short, the best content marketing adds value. It draws people in and those who come across it find it valuable.

The Best Content Marketing Isn’t Always Written Content

Blog posts, articles, and website content are all examples of content marketing. Writing a blog or an article that is interesting and that provides value is an excellent way to get people to visit your website and a great way to turn these visitors into paying customers. These types of content rank highly on Google because of how useful they are.

People read hundreds of blogs and articles and websites every day and they do so because this content is useful. When you type a search term into Google, you expect to receive information that meets your needs. If you’re asking a question, you want the answer. If you’re searching for a product or a business, you want to get a relevant one. It’s simple. If you create content that delivers what a potential customer is looking for, you’ll be successful.

However, content marketing isn’t just about written content, though that’s certainly important. Content marketing includes all content that is geared towards a specific audience with the goal of engaging prospects and customers.

Examples of content marketing that aren’t blog posts include:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social media content
  • And much more

How is Content Marketing Different from Traditional Marketing?

When you think of marketing, you might think of television ads or billboards. While these methods can certainly be effective, no one seeks out these types of content (unless they’re airing during the Super Bowl, of course). But content marketing is different. It isn’t there to fill the space in a TV show or attract your attention as you drive on the highway.

The best content marketing adds value. It answers questions. It provides information. It entertains. It’s marketing that people want. In that sense, those ads that air during the Super Bowl are content marketing in a way. They’re often entertaining enough that people seek them out. The more value a piece of content provides, the more useful it is to the customer and to the business.

Why Blog Content Marketing is So Popular and Effective

While not all content marketing is written, a lot of it certainly is. Written content has many advantages over other types of content. First of all, it’s quick to load. In an age where most of our content is consumed through our phones, written content doesn’t have to download or buffer. It’s there almost instantly. It also doesn’t take much time to consume.

Great website content is written to be skimmed.

Some people want to read thousands of words when they search for a topic. Other people want to get in, get their answer, and get out. The best content marketing serves both of these audiences. If you want to read something in-depth that has a lot of detail, that’s an option. If you only have a couple of minutes and you want something quick, good content marketing makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Written content can do this better than other types of content. A video or a podcast has a specific run time and it’s often tough to tell when the information you’re looking for will be discussed. With good written content, information is easy to find.

That’s why written content remains so popular.

In the social media age, most people may not have a set list of blogs that they visit regularly anymore, but they still read links that are shared with them and they certainly still search for things on Google. The best content marketing serves both of these needs as well. It’s “viral” in the sense that it adds value so it gets shared around, but it’s also written and structured in a way that Google ranks it highly. It’s content that people want to find and read.

Blog content is powerful. It can be used to draw in potential customers, boost brand awareness, showcase a company’s expertise, build relationships, turn visitors into customers, and much more.

How to Create Great Content Marketing

One of the keys to excellent content marketing is to provide value. To do that, you need to think about what your potential customers may be interested in. You’ll want to anticipate their needs and then serve them with the content that they want.

One way to do is this by conducting some research on Google. Search for some terms that your customers are searching for. What comes up? Does the content that exists meet the needs of your customers? Could it be better? Remember, the best content doesn’t just rank highly on Google, but it also gives the visitor what they’re looking for and it works to convert them into a paying customer.

Creating content that your potential customers want is crucial to successful content marketing.

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The Best Content Marketing

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