What Apple Can Teach Us About Website Copywriting & Internet Promotion

Apple is, without a doubt, a huge success. A quick look at the company’s stock or the line outside your local Apple Store will tell you that. But why? Yes, Apple makes high quality products. They add new features to their products and make technology easier to use. But that isn’t the only reason. A large part of Apple’s success is the company’s marketing.

Apple’s skill at marketing it’s products is a large reason for the company’s success. There is a lot that we can learn from Apple’s marketing that can help make us better website copywriters, improve our Internet promotion techniques and grow our businesses online.

A lot of technology companies focus on two things in their ads: The incredible technological advances in their latest products and how their products are exciting, cool and flashy. Both of these traits are important to consumers. You want to buy a device that has the technical specs you need and most people want nice looking products that make them look and feel as though they are on the cutting edge.

But they also want more. This is what Apple understands and why Apple is so successful.

Watch the ad above for Apple’s “Facetime.” It’s a video chat service that lets you use your iPhone, iPad or computer to talk to speak with others. It’s not the first such program. Skype comes to mind as well but there are a few others as well. Apple didn’t invent the video chat, but Apple made the average person understand why video chats are important and useful.

The ad shows you how Facetime ca make your life more enjoyable. You can use Facetime to speak to your daughter while she is away at school or to talk to your granddaughter from anywhere in the world. Facetime can make a boyfriend and girlfriend (or a husband and wife) feel like they’re in bed together talking, rather than in completely different cities. The underlying fact is that Facetime (and the Apple products that run Facetime) lets you connect with your loved ones and share moments together.

The ad above isn’t flashy. It doesn’t mention the technical specs of any of the devices listed. It doesn’t spend time telling you why Apple is incredible or why you should buy an iPhone. It doesn’t show why an iPhone is better than any other phone or why Facetime is better than Skype. Instead, it shows you exactly what the Facetime program can do for you. It shows you why you want Facetime. Facetime lets you talk to your loved ones.

This is an important lesson for website copywriters. Rather than spending time extolling the many virtues of your latest product or your company’s core service, it’s often better to let your customers know what your company can do for them and how it can make their lives easier.

For example, if your company cleans houses, you may want to tell your customers how much free time they will have and how relaxed and organized they will be when they use a house cleaning service. This might work better than if your website content is all about how many years you’ve been in business, how many awards you’ve won, how many houses you clean each week and which cleaning products you use.

Showing the benefits of your products and services and explaining how your company can make someone’s life more enjoyable and easier often works better than giving a long list of details about your organization. It works for Apple and it can probably work for you.

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