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Promote Your Website Through Social Media Marketing

Social media services (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are powerful tools that let you connect directly to clients and potential clients. Social media allows you to promote new products and services, provide instant customer support, monitor industry trends, direct the conversation, share ideas, and collaborate on projects quickly and easily.

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One of the best – and most cost-effective – ways to spread your company’s message online is through social media. Social media marketing lets you reach your target market directly and expand your customer base.

Toronto SEO Web Content can create a powerful social marketing campaign for your company. Our team understands what it takes to promote a business and engage an audience on social media. Each strategy we create is targeted, thorough, unique, and designed to boost your online presence, promote your brand and increase customer loyalty.

Social media marketing services let you represent yourself in the best possible way to the largest possible audience.

Social marketing services include:

Social Media Account Creation and Management

    • A company page on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn is a must today. A social presence gives you an effective way to broadcast company news, launch new products or services, converse with customers, announce promotions, provide immediate customer support and more.
    • Toronto SEO Web Content can create, maintain, and regularly update social media pages for your business. We will inform your existing clients, share entertaining and useful tips and information about your business and industry, and build brand loyalty through your social pages.
    • Updated and active social media profiles allow your clients to discuss your company and receive real-time customer service, which greatly improves customer satisfaction. We will set up the page, promote it and manage the community while you focus on operating your business.
    • All interaction with clients will enforce your company’s message and be in line with company branding.

    Twitter, Facebook & Instagram Management

    • Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great services, not only for promoting your business but also for conversing with clients and improving customer satisfaction. They can be used to conduct market research, provide instant customer service, answer questions from both customers and potential customers, and build strong, genuine relationships.
    • This direct connection to your target market also allows you to strengthen your brand and promote yourself as an industry leader.
    • Toronto SEO Web Content will create and maintain accounts for your business, update them with custom content, reply to posts and engage users,  and regularly monitor for company mentions and industry trends.
    • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram profiles are an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers and give your business a competitive edge.

    Content Marketing

    • Sharing your unique content to social networks and social news websites is a great way to increase visitors and engagement.
    • Links on social media provide added exposure to your site’s most interesting pages and increase the likelihood of organic links to your page.
    • Toronto SEO Web Content can create unique content with social media in mind, share this content across social media platforms, and promote the content, growing your business online.
    • Sharing unique content through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks is an excellent to increase traffic and promote your expertise online.

    At Toronto SEO Web Content, we analyze your existing website and social media strategy to look for ways to improve your presence on social media. We can even provide you with a list of suggested tips to increase the usability of your website to draw in more visitors.

    Trust us to create a comprehensive social media strategy for promoting your company. We work one-on-one with each client to provide unique, interesting content that will “go viral” and be a hit on social media platforms.

    Contact Toronto SEO Web Content now to discuss your social media marketing project.

Social Media & Content Marketing Services

We work alongside you to research and develop specific social media marketing campaigns that increase company awareness, strengthen your brand, and engage and communicate with your client base.

Social media gives you the unique ability to take your message directly to the public, allowing you to control the narrative and direct the conversation. It encourages engagement from clients and develops loyalty and trust in your brand or company. Our social media management and content marketing services ensure that all of your social media profiles will be regularly updated with fresh content that your customers and followers will love.

A sound social marketing strategy attracts people to your business and allows you to satisfy your clients quickly and efficiently. Toronto SEO Web Content’s customized content marketing campaigns can generate buzz around a particular product, service or announcement while strengthening your brand and growing your business. Our social media management efforts keep your business fresh and interesting online.

We offer long- and short-term social media campaigns and social media management packages. This flexibility lets you chose the perfect campaign that suits the needs of your business. Contact us today for more information.

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