Google Basics & SEO Help

For many people around the world, Google is the default search engine. A great deal of internet traffic comes from Google and the company is such a part of our society that not only has “Google” has become a verb (“I’m going to Google that”) but it’s also an assistant that we speak to (“Hey Google, what’s the weather?”).

When optimizing your website and writing website content, it’s important to keep in mind that many people only find new websites by searching Google. This means you’ll need to know how Google works if you want your site to be found.

Google itself provides a information on for webmasters that can help with SEO:

Once you know how people use Google to search, you can modify your website to be more easily found.

Web content writing, search engine optimization, and website promotion should all be done with Google in mind. While the site has its competitors, including major social media sites, it is currently a major source of internet traffic.

Knowing how Google works will help your website grow.

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